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About Miles


Welcome to Personal Training by Miles Company, where our mission is to improve the quality of life and fulfill each individuals fitness and nutritional needs. Get Fit …Stay Fit…and Live Fit , is what I believe, and helping you achieve that goal allows me to be that much closer to making a difference in San Antonio

Pioneer in the fitness industry since 1985 and a household name, Miles Stovall became one of San Antonio’s leading personal trainers and competitive fitness athletes. With an incredible history of bodybuilding championship wins and a fitness background, Miles continues to strive for quality of life and paralleling it with his growing business.

Miles Stovall is often called the Renaissance Man, and with good reason. Miles is a multi-talented and multi-faceted individual who brings a level of excellence to all he pursues…that is impressive and inspirational.

Miles defines his philosophy of life as creating balance and well-being. “Never forget who you truly are, and integrating your creative, physical, mental, and social attributes into your daily life is imperative for well being and happiness.” Miles absolutely has a passion for all that he does, and very seldom strays from his core values that define him.

Miles was born with an Artist’s heart and his parents nurtured his pursuit of his creativity and gift. His higher level of learning transitioned through high school in Frankfurt Germany, and then onward to Illinois State University where he majored in Fine Arts. Miles attributes living in Germany as a great opportunity to absorb culture in a different light, studying art from a European perspective. As a professional artist Miles has had numerous art shows and continues to paint and sell his work. His botanicals and still life’s display breathtaking light play and detail. Although Miles enjoys painting many subject matter, his main focus is botanicals and still life’s, where he captures the essence of the moment.

Miles owns Personal Training by Miles & Company, a boutique gym in the medical center of San Antonio Texas, where he beautifully remodeled and transformed an old run down veterinary clinic.

With a complete gym set up, he provides his expert personal training services and body transformations in the form of weight training /muscle toning, fat loss, nutrition, Yoga / flexibility, agility / coordination, and life coaching. Miles has been in the fitness industry changing lives since 1980 where he ran a summer fitness program on a military base while in Germany, at the age of only 16 years. His love of health through sports and nutrition continued to pave the way for others with his guidance throughout his life.

Miles started coaching men’s and women’s gymnastics since 1982, where he was the assistant coach of the women’s college team at Illinois State University. He owed and operated Elite Gymnastics from 1989 until 2001. In 2004 he opened the first Personal Training by Miles & Company where he leased a space that allowed him to continue his entrepreneurial dreams…later purchasing the current gym he now owns.

Miles is a professional natural bodybuilder and his career has provided a reputation that has earned him notoriety throughout the World. As a former elite gymnast, Miles was able to transition smoothly into natural bodybuilding in 1989 where he competed in his first bodybuilding competition. Supporting natural drug-free federations only, Miles turned from amateur to professional in 1994 with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. With perseverance and dedication, he was able to reach astounding accolades with prestigious bodybuilding and fitness wins: