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Our Facility

Personal Training by Miles and Company is a free standing gym located just west of I-H 10 on Wurzbach Rd. heading towards the Medical Center. You will certainly notice the lush gardens and beautifully manicured landscape, that makes your training and health experience that much more enjoyable.

Our covered entrance porch welcomes you to an area to sit and relax, have a bite to eat, or even chat with fellow workout friends. We will occasionally hold cooking demonstrations, and social events to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments.

The lobby and Cardio Room overlook the beautiful gardens, and our incredible outdoor exercise area. The upscale amenities and cleanliness caters to the clientele’s needs.

Our Personalized Fitness Gym is a fully equipped and state of the art facility with all the necessary pieces of equipment and amenities of a larger gym, but without the crowds and intimidating atmosphere. We pride ourselves in cleanliness and proper gym etiquette giving you comfortable but yet an incredible safe workout.

Our Men’s and Women’s Dressing Rooms are complete with private lockers, showers, towel service, and other amenities. We strive on keeping our dressing areas clean and sanitized giving you the same comfort as your own home.

For the serious at hand, and those that want to take it up a notch, we have provided a complete rubber mat plyo court, climbing rope, rings, climbing nets, plyo hurdles, tire runs, sprinting grass track, and much more! This boot camp style event center is sure to make the weak strong, and the strong.. incredible!

There is no other personal training gym in Texas like ours, and we take pride in providing the best quality training and health lifestyle coaching.